How to Have the Best Destination Wedding in Delhi: Trends for 2023

As we look toward the future, we can't help but be excited about all the wonderful possibilities in store for destination weddings in 2023 in Delhi! We have seen firsthand how couples and their guests have benefitted from having a change of scenery, and know that true love will never go out of style. So as trends come and go, both you and your guests will get to enjoy an unforgettable experience at whatever destination you choose. Read on to learn more about what weddings in utopia may look like in 2023! — it's sure to be even better!


Destination weddings photographer in Delhi is getting more and more popular each year. Indian weddings are already extravagant affairs, and when you add the element of a destination, they become even more magical. If you’re planning a destination wedding photographer in Delhi, you’re probably wondering what the latest trends are.


Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of any wedding, but it’s especially important for destination weddings. You want to be able to look back on your wedding photos and remember not just the beautiful location, but also the emotions and memories of the day. That’s why it’s important to choose a Destination wedding photographer in Delhi and a wedding cinematographer who will be able to capture all that jazz.


From the beaches of Goa to the Taj Mahal in Agra, there are endless possibilities for a romantic and memorable wedding in India.


1. Supporting local & remember that "Green goes with everything."

As 2023 draws nearer, people are looking to find ways to bring their eco-friendly dreams to life. Fashion designers, Event Planners have noticed this trend and responded with multiple opportunities, such as "wear and wear again" collections tailored specifically for wedding couples and keeping plastic-free celebrations. Couples can also choose vintage bridal wear or suits as a budget-friendly yet stylish option. For the ceremony, opt for naturally beautiful locations like your resort’s beach or lush, tropical garden, topped off with flower petals or biodegradable confetti for a picture-perfect touch. With all of these options, couples can look forward to hosting an eco-friendly destination wedding Photographer in Delhi without compromising on style.


To experience everything a destination has to offer, hiring locally-based wedding service providers is a must. By enlisting the help of talented local wedding service providers, couples can unlock a wealth of possibilities - access to unique venues and experiences they may not have been able to find or create on their own. Hiring these skilled professionals helps to ensure that your destination wedding will be a truly special celebration full of meaningful memories.


2. Work hard, honeymoon wilder.

We’re a glass-half-full people here, and the silver lining through lockdowns was more remote work possibilities. In 2023, couples that have the option to work remotely can take advantage and extend their honeymoon well after their wedding week. They can host their wedding at their chosen resort and enjoy paradise at their leisure in peace or party till the sun is out!


3. Trend Alert: High Flash Photography

We're loving this new trend in wedding photography! Much like fashion, wedding trends come and go. Gone are the days of dreary, posed shots- now, it's all about high-key, bright flash pictures that capture the joy and excitement of your big day. This style of photography is great at highlighting all the little details that make your wedding couple's pictures unique, and when you pair that with a simple backdrop like even a hotel lobby or your wedding decor, you're sure to end up with some magazine-worthy shots!

If you’re a 90s baby, then this style of photography probably speaks to you.


4. Playground of wedding inspirations in your hand!

As we journey ever closer to the digital age, there's no denying that social media has taken us all by surprise. Instagram and Pinterest have been inspiring couples for years now -- but 2023 will be an especially exciting one! We're talking about Instagram REELS – a new PLATFORM where brides and grooms are giving their followers a peek inside their wedding days. We all know how it feels to scroll endlessly on Instagram Explore, desperately trying to find something anything! that will draw our attention. Take heart! There's always hope that each new page brings with it the chance of stumbling upon something amazing.


Wedding planners, wedding guests, couples, venues, and photographers have all joined in on the fun, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of venues and decorations and all the fun.


5. Big memories come in small gatherings (We are obsessed with them!)

Couples are escalating their dreamy destination weddings photographer in Delhi by hosting micro-weddings! Instead of a one-day event, couples can extend the festivities to an unforgettable week or weekend. With fewer guests in attendance, they’re able to maximize their quality time with friends and family and create memories that will last a lifetime. And having fewer people means it's easier and more cost effect-effective up on the luxuries for your big day—from extravagant wedding arches to custom cocktails. Let's make this one moment even BIGGER than you ever imagined!


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